Monday, March 29, 2010

My Dream Team

DreamTeam I recently read Who's On Your Dream Team?

from Angela Maiers Educational Services by Angela Maiers

“I have speaking to students lately of the importance of creating a personal "Dream Team" of individuals that influence your thinking and who's behaviors you would seek to emulate.

From Albert Einstein to my grandfather, these individuals have given me insight, creative energy, and clarity.  My "Dream Team" serves to help me be the best teacher, mother, friend, and learner that I can be.”

This made me think about who I would want on my Dream Team so here they are:

My husband – because he keeps me grounded. He is my common sense that my brain lacks.

Henry Winkler aka Fonzie – I met him when he was the keynote speaker at our Council for Exceptional Children conference and he was awesome. He knows firsthand how the students who don’t fit in feel and he would give me a reality check when I would need it.

Steven Spielburg – He would help me use special effects to make my lessons really stand out. Wouldn’t it be great for him to make my lessons out to be a production! With his skills, he would definitely help me keep my students engaged.

Bill and Melinda Gates – They would help me fund all the projects that I would want to do and help me see projects as a big picture. Sometimes I have tunnel vision instead of being a visionary. I don’t think they would have been as successful if they hadn’t had a vision for the future.

Mother Theresa – to help me remember that compassion and giving is really important. She was such a giving person and never seemed to think about herself. Sometimes I can be very selfish and only think of myself. She would help balance my egocentric ways.

Danny O’Flaherty – my favorite Celtic balladeer who would keep music in my life because music really makes a difference everywhere.

Martha Stewart – to help my creative side come out

Rachel Ray – because someone would need to feed my Dream Team! Besides she is so perky and lively that she would keep me in good spirits.

Dumbledore (from Harry Potter) – because he has wisdom and magic and sometimes I need a lot of both of these things.

If you have the time, I challenge you to answer this question: What 10 people would you want on your dream team? Feel free to answer in a comment or leave a link to your blog post about this. I’d love to see who I might have missed on my Dream Team.

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Original image: 'Working Together Teamwork Puzzle Concept' by: Scott Maxwell


angelamaiers said...

Pat- Beautiful post! You are a dream!!

Daley Landon said...

I stumbled upon this post and I thought it was a very good and interesting thought! I like the creativity of it and how you can use those people around you in positive ways! Great post!

Anonymous said...

My Dream Team would include: my husband, of course, even though he'd rather not. Our priest, Fr. Lucas, who knows how to laugh at himself and get others not to take themselves too seriously. President Obama, who knows how to create dream teams and how to negotiate - something I need to work on. My friend, Sheila, who keeps me on the right track and encourages my endeavors. My teaching friends, Suzi and Peggy, who share similar trials and tribulations in our life's work. My friend, Cindi, who's known me longer than anyone and keeps me sane. And last, but not least, my students - without them, I wouldn't need a Dream Team.