Thursday, September 7, 2023

For Our Own Good

Recently on a cruise, the Captain had to make a major decision to skip 2 ports and change our itinerary. There was a massive storm heading our way and he wanted to outrun it so that we would have a better experience on our cruise. He explained this to the guest several times and updated us on our progress. Many people grumbled about the change because it was disappointing not to go to the ports you wanted to visit. But he made this decision for our own good. I would rather be safe than try to attempt something that might have disastrous results. I saw a post from someone on another ship that was 2 days behind us that they had to cancel their port because of 26-foot waves and hurricane-force winds so I’m glad that our Captain made this decision.

Sometimes we have to do the same thing in our classrooms. We have to make an informed decision that may not be popular but it is in the best interest of our students. I have seen too many teachers work harder on being the popular teacher who is friends with all the students than in making appropriate decisions that are for their students' own good. I know students will not be happy with some of my decisions but I know in the long run it is the best decision to make.

I have seen my principal make decisions for the good of the school but some departments are unhappy with this decision. Again, I can understand his position and while I may not always agree with the decision, I can understand it.

I think that sometimes we need to think beyond our own needs and think more about what is best for our own good. By putting ourselves in the shoes of the decision maker, we should try to understand why this decision was made. By doing this, it might make it easier to live with the decisions that are made.

This is something that our students also need to learn. I hope talking about why I made decisions will help students be more understanding. By being transparent, it helps others understand better.

How do you deal with decisions that you don’t always agree with? Please share.

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