Tuesday, September 5, 2023

A Time Capsule

Recently, in a sermon by Pastor Andrea, she talked about being in school and making a time capsule that would be opened in the future. She thought about the impact of what it could have on future students because it showed what students of today valued.

I thought that this would be a cool activity to do with students at the beginning of the year and then have them review it at the end of the year to see if they still agree with the contents.

First I would have students make a list of 5 of the most important things they would add to a time capsule that would be opened up 100 years from now. What would they want a student 100 years from now find in the time capsule? What would it say about students of today and our society?

Then I would put them in groups of 2 and have them discuss these things. Next, I would have these 2 groups come up with only 2 of the things from all the combined items. After they get that, I would combine them into groups of 4 so they could come up with the 2 items. Then they would present there 2 items to the class and explain why they think they are important.

I think they would find it interesting to see how much they valued the same things. They might learn of something they hadn’t thought about.

What else would you include in this activity? What would you do differently? Please share.

Photo by Ashin K Suresh on Unsplash

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