Tuesday, January 24, 2023

National Compliment Day

Today is National Compliment Day.

Giving someone a compliment can brighten their day and make them happy. I believe people have gotten out of the habit of complimenting others.

You might tell family members hat you like something that they do. Too often it is easy to overlook family members and take them for granted. We don’t always notice the good things they do. We sometimes joke with them and it is easy to insult them or ridicule them when we think we are just being funny. These comments can actually be more hurtful than we think.

You don’t have to know someone in order to compliment them. You might pass a stranger in the store and like something they are wearing. It is alright to tell them that.

It would be good to have students brainstorm compliments that they can give. Maybe if they think of them as a group, it would be easier for them to do them. Ask students to give at least 3 compliments that day and report the next day how it went. Have them tell who they complimented and how the person reacted. As students get more comfortable with this, they may start doing it on their own.

Do you do something like this in your class? Please share.

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