Thursday, January 5, 2023

2023 Goals

Last year I only achieved 75% of my goals. Hopefully this year I will do better. I am going to try to have goals that will help me improve but not set myself up for failure.

I’m not going to focus on my weight this year because I get more frustrated than actually achieving my goal. Since my word of the year is “content”, I’m going to try to be content with my body size and weight. If possible, I will lose weight, exercise more, and eat sensibly but I won’t focus my year on this.

1. Learn something new. 

2. Knit at least 1 sweater (Collins Tee).

3. Yarn - more out than in (use more yardage than I buy) –

-Yarn used - 

-Yarn bought - 

3. Complete a shawl (Shawlography)

4. Try 4 new recipes. 

5. Stretch regularly (at least 20 days out of the month)

6. Create at least 2 scrapbook pages each month.

7. Participate in the Photo a Day challenge

8. Read the Bible every day.

9. Read 100 books

10. Read 12 nonfiction books     

What are your goals for this year? Please share.

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