Monday, March 30, 2020

Video Chats

Last week I was able to do a lot of video conferencing with people around the world.

·      I Skyped with a friend of mine in my county who was feeling lonely and isolated.
·      I used t with other educators and talked about the current situation in their part of the world.
·      I talked on Jitsi with a class of 15-year old students in Austria and I learned some new things about Austria.
·      I chatted with knitters on Zoom who hope to attend a knitting retreat this summer.
·      I chatted on Google Hangout with another knitter in my area because our knitting group isn’t able to meet at our local Starbucks. We usually meet weekly there.
·      I met with other professors from my university and had a “mindfulness” session on Zoom.
·      I’m on Skype several times a day connecting with other educators on “HLWSkypers.”

I highly recommending giving these things a try. It will help you and your students feel more connected and less isolated. Remember that all parties would need download the same app and open it to connect to each other. These are great ways to stay connected with your schools, friends, and family.

Here are some links:

Google Hangout – free; you may have to have a google account and need to download the Google Hangout app; can be on phone, iPad, or computer
Zoom – free version is for 40 minutes at a time; up to 100 people; need to download the app; phone, iPad, or computer
Jitsi – free; only works on Chrome browser;
SkypeHLWSkypers – free, need to download the app; phone, iPad, or computer

What other platforms do you use to connect with others? Please share.

Photo by Perry Grone on Unsplash

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