Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Teach Differently

In Your students are not like you. Accept it. Teach differently. From History Tech by glennw, he shows a great graphic of the Generation Z students. It is worth taking the time to look at it.

The author talks about how Generation Z students learn differently than when we were in school. I remember when I first started teaching and I taught the way that I learned. This, of course, did not turn out well and it wasn’t until I taught students in the way that they learned was I able to see any success. As long as we dig in our heels and insist on the attitude of  “that’s not the way I learned and it was good enough for me!”, we won’t be helping our students at all.

These students grew up differently than we did so they will learn differently. I’m sure that we learned differently than our parents did. Education is constantly evolving and if teachers don’t move with the evolution, they will become obsolete and useless.

I try to keep up with new technology that comes out. I talk with the students about what technology they are using and why they like it. I also ask them about what new technology do they see coming out. I let them share software, apps, and websites that they like. By engaging in this conversation, I can keep up with current trends and use this information in forming new teaching strategies.

I can look at the gaming platforms the students like and adapt them to use as reviews or assessments.

I can look at creative apps that they like and allow them to use them in order to show their understanding of the material they learn.

I can also ask the students to help brainstorm ways to use their favorite apps or software in the classroom to increase learning.

We need to remember that today’s student is learning differently than we learned and we need to teach differently than we used to teach.

What do you do to teach Generation Z students? Please share.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

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