Tuesday, March 10, 2020

St. Patrick’s Day Activities

I always liked St. Patrick’s Day on March 17 because it is a fun day for fun activities. It is a nice break from our usual activities, and I think students seem to enjoy them. Here are some suggestions for activities you can adapt for all grade levels. Some of them might take some advanced planning so I’m posting this a little early.

Vocabulary: This can be done for reading words or subject area words. Depending on the age, have the students cut out green shamrocks. You can make a stencil on cardstock and have the students trace them and cut them out. Or you can find some online and print them out on cardstock for students to cut out. Have them write the vocabulary word on one side and the definition or important fact on the other side. These can be used as flashcards or a game.

Share some fun limericks with the class and then have them write their own.

Creative Writing:
·      Imagine that you caught a leprechaun and he would give you a pot of gold if you released him. What would you do with your pot of gold?
·      You found a pot of gold: at the end of the rainbow but then you find out there isn’t any gold in the pot. Instead, you find…

·      Build a leprechaun trap.
·      Grow Crystal Shamrocks
·      Make rainbow slime
·      Make a milk rainbow

Find out the true history of St. Patrick’s Day and make a scrapbook page.

Use blank shamrocks (like in the vocabulary lessons), and have students write math problems on one side and answers on the other. These can be used as flashcards or a game.

Social Skills:
·      Use blank shamrocks and have students write compliments on them. Make a bulletin board with these compliments so students can see them every day. Instead of seeing negative comments, they can get used to seeing positive ones.
·      Have students put their names on a piece of paper in a hat. Each student draws out a name, They will make shamrock card saying something nice and exchange them with the person whose name they drew.  

What other activities would you recommend for St. Patrick’s Day? Please share.

Photo by Alex Jackman on Unsplash

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