Wednesday, November 14, 2018


In Quality and effort from Seth Godin's Blog, Seth Godin shares,

“In school, we harangue kids to be more careful, and spend approximately zero time teaching them to build better systems instead. We ignore checklists and processes because we’ve been taught that they’re beneath us.”

I am a big believer in checklists. I think they help us remember to do all the little things that we may forget. I also like the feeling of accomplishment when I can check things off.

I put up a checklist on the board for our daily routine and make sure we do each step during class. I may add things to it as we work but I with the list, I don’t miss things.

I keep a list of all the things I want to accomplish during the day. Then I prioritize the list which helps me get everything done. I check off things as I complete them.

I keep a shopping list on my phone and add things as I see a need for them. This is helpful when I’m shopping and will remember to get everything I need.

When we travel, I make a packing list so I don’t forget to bring anything. This has been great because when I’m packing, I get so overwhelmed that I may forget something. This list always saves the day.

I see recipes as a checklist or process to follow.

I think by having lists, I’m being a good role model for students so that they can see it is okay to have lists to help you each day.

Do you have checklists? If so, please share.

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