Wednesday, June 20, 2018


In Writing: A Chance to Vent from Sioux's Page, Sioux Roslawski asks,

“How is writing a vent for you? Sometimes angry minds want to know.”

I like to write about my feelings because when I put it down in words, I can put things in order and make some sense out of the situation. Then when I write it out, I can understand better about what happened. Sometimes I can look at what happened and see that if I acted differently, there may have been a different outcome. I realize I can’t control other people’s actions, but I can control my own.

Sometimes I want to write about a situation when I’ve had bad customer service. I want to share my experience and hopefully warn others about what happened. This may help them from going through the same troubles that I have. Maybe if someone had warned me, I would not have had to deal with this. That is why I read reviews about hotels, restaurants, and products to see what people are saying about them. I figure if you take the best and the worst off the list, the true story is probably somewhere in the middle. If the middle is also saying bad things about it, then it is probably something that I want to avoid.

Sometimes I’m feeling bad and I just want people to hear me. I don’t want anyone to fix the situation, but I might just need the support of listening. It helps when people say they understand what I’m dealing with and just give me hugs.

Sometimes I want to give my opinion about something that happened in the news or an article that I read. It helps to put my thoughts in writing so I can edit my words in order to communicate clearly. I am not a great public speaker, so I tend to get tongue-tied if I have to speak my opinion.

When we go traveling, I like to write about our trip and any positives or negatives that have happened. This helps us avoid the negatives next time and to possibly redo the positives if we return.

Do you vent through your writing? How? Please share.

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