Thursday, June 7, 2018

Summer Routines

As summer vacation approaches, many of my special education students because anxious.

They are anxious for many different reasons which may include:
·      Lack of routine
·      Fear of the unknown
·      Isolation from classmates
·      Stressful family situation
·      Lack of food in the home
·      Vacation travel
·      Increased stress

It is a good time to talk with students about how they are feeling about the upcoming vacation. It is okay to feel excited about the end of the school year and have some anxiety about the summer. I try to stay away from the word “fear” because many students will deny feeling this way. Yet, they don’t mind the word anxiety as much. I think it has to do with growing up and being teased about being scared of things they fear.

It would be good to brainstorm why a person (keeps it from being personal) would feel anxiety about the upcoming summer vacation. They may think of things that you didn’t think about it or didn’t know about it.

It would also be good to brainstorm ways to cope with the things that are causing anxiety.
·      Maybe they could write out a tentative schedule to follow and share this with their parents.
·      If there is an upcoming trip, do some research about where you are going and talk to their parents about what they plan to do.
·      Plan a way to stay in touch with classmates and friends.
·      See if there is a school that serves breakfast and/or lunch in their community.
·      Learn stress relieving techniques to use during stressful situations at home.

What other advice would you give? Please share.

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