Friday, June 1, 2018

Useful Information In and Out of the Classroom 6/1/18

Here are some interesting sites that I’ve found this week, thanks to my PLN. As a teacher, I feel we have to keep up to date concerning research in our field and current issues in the education system. I hope some of these inspire you, inform you, and even have you asking questions. Thank you for coming by and visiting!

Note: Each resource is labeled with a level and subject area to make it easier to use.

Levels:  E: Elementary; M: Middle; H: High; G: General, all levels; SN: Special Needs; T: Teachers

Subject Areas: LA: Language Arts, English, Reading, Writing; M: Math; S: Science; Health; SS: Social Studies, Current Events; FA: Fine Arts; Music, Art, Drama; FL: Foreign Language; PE: Physical Ed; C: Career; A: All

Purpose Games – “PurposeGames lets you create and play games. Students, teachers and rockstars alike all come here to create and learn. Give it a try!” (L:G; SA:A)

GameOn World “The site was started by Jeff Borland, a teacher in Portland, Maine and one of his former students, Orkhan Nadirli. We believe that students need to know much more about the world and we thought that this game format would be a wonderful way to do that.” (L:H; SA:SS)

Library of Congress – playlists of YouTube videos on different historical topics (L:H; SA:SS)

Get Back to Me – Teaching Channel strategy; “Give students time to think about their response to questions” (L:T; SA:A)

The Chemistry of Cookies – “You stick cookie dough into an oven, and magically, you get a plate of warm, gooey cookies. Except it’s not magic; it’s science. Stephanie Warren explains via basic chemistry principles how the dough spreads out, at what temperature we can kill salmonella, and why that intoxicating smell wafting from your oven indicates that the cookies are ready for eating.” (L:G; SA:S)

Original photo by Pat Hensley

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