Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Solving Conflict Between Teachers

Recently I spoke at an autism conference and a question was asked about what to do if the general education teacher and special education teacher are at odds on what to do with a student who has autism.

Here are my suggestions:

1.     First, make sure there is an IEP meeting that discusses accommodations and modifications that the student may need.
2.     Make sure that all the participants on the team understand these things and how they will be implemented.
3.     The special education teacher should offer the general education teacher assistance with techniques to implement them.
4.     The special education teacher should monitor regularly that these accommodations and/or modifications are being implemented.
5.     If the parent feels that these are not being implemented, the parent should contact the special education teacher or an administrator.
If they are not, the special education teacher should meet with the general education teacher and discuss what obstacles are in the way of implementing these requirements. Also, politely explain that by not implementing them would make the teacher in non-compliance with federal law and could lead to legal ramifications.
6.     If the general education teacher continues to ignore the IEP, it is time to set up a meeting with administration to discuss the problem.  

It is important for all members of the IEP team be on the same page in order for the student to be successful. Any disagreements should be discussed and worked out during the IEP meeting. Once the IEP document is signed, it is a legal document and must be adhered to until another meeting is scheduled, and changes are officially made.

Do you have any suggestions when there is conflict between the special education and general education teachers?  Please share.


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