Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Do You Believe?

“Do you believe in the mystical, the paranormal? Numerology, astrology, spirit guides, ghosts? Guardian angels? Do you believe in psychics and mediums? Life after death? Do you believe there is the possibility for communication beyond the grave?”

I absolutely believe in the mystical and guardian angels. I’m not sure I believe in numerology, astrology, psychics, and mediums though.

When my oldest sister died in August of 1974, I was only 14 years old. She had been dealing with lupus for about 9 years and it finally took her life. We were extremely close and this was a traumatic time for me.  I remember the day she passed away and our family and relatives were all in our house waiting for the phone call. When my parents got the call, my middle sister’s 2 ½-year-old daughter, was in the back bedroom taking a nap. She woke up and then told us all that, “Aunt Betsy came and gave her a kiss goodbye.” We were all stunned. As I walked down the hallway in our house right then, I smelled the hospital smell from my sister’s hospital room. It was like she had come to tell us all goodbye.

I smelled this smell several times in my life. I smelled it at my sister’s funeral and a couple of times during high school when I was extremely upset. I smelled it when I started my first day of college,  when I graduated college, and the last time was when I got married. I believe my sister was letting me know that she was there with me and was watching over me.

At first, I was very scared when I smelled that smell but mother told me that I had nothing to fear from my sister because she loved me. I realized that she was right. You see, my mother believed in life after death and reincarnation. I’m not sure about either one of them but every time I talk to my niece, she is so much like my oldest sister, I’m amazed.  A lot of her mannerisms and ideas are so similar to my oldest sister and I feel comforted by this even after 40 years.

I think we shouldn’t disregard what we don’t know. I feel that anything is possible and since there is no way to prove something isn’t possible, it should be a possibility.

Learning is kind of the same way in my mind. We don’t really know exactly what will work or not work with individual students. Everyone’s brains are different and react to things differently. So, with learning, anything is possible.

Do you believe? What do you believe is possible or not possible? Please share.

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