Monday, March 19, 2018

Bad Days Happen

“Since then, however, I’ve discovered some great strategies to lesson those negative emotions and invite more happiness into the day – before leaving school, and not only has it been good for me, but my family has benefitted as well.”

I thought this was a great practice to have and I thought it would be great to help students practice this. I think it should be done at the end of the day. Reflect on the day before I go to bed. By doing this, I don’t beat myself over things that didn’t go well but rather think about ways to help tomorrow be better. This helps me remember that I have control over my actions and no other people’s actions.

Sam gives three good ideas on this and I wanted to add some other suggestions.

Think about three things that went well. Also think about why these things went well. These do not have to be about work but also in my personal life also.

Think about one thing that didn’t go well and how I could have done things differently. I think it is important to be prepared and in case this situation occurs again, I will be prepared to act differently.

Think about one thing that I wish I had more time to do today. If I consciously think about it, maybe I will make time for it tomorrow.

Think about one thing that made me smile today. Remembering the good things is a good way to end my reflection about the day. It leaves a good memory to sleep on.

What do you do to make things better when bad days happen? Pleases share.

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