Thursday, March 22, 2018

Living a Life of Joy

“What part of your life do you water with your words? Do you grow gratitude or dissatisfaction? Do you grow friendships or fault-finding? Do you grow joy or anger?”

I tend to look at the positives. I guess I’m lucky though because there is rarely anything negative to say about my days. My life is usually without many problems and if they do happen, they are usually easily solved.

I have a loving husband and family and I know I’m loved. That above everything else makes me feel pretty blessed in life.

Financially we are able to pay all of our bills and get the things we need and even want. We don’t live above our means so we don’t have any debts.

We eat simply and now that we are retired, we really try to focus on eating healthy foods.

I have wonderful friends who are very positive people so I hope we all feed off of each other’s positive vibes. Whenever one of us is down or discouraged, there is always someone to help boost you up.

I face daily obstacles like not wanting to do tasks that I don’t like such as cleaning my house, weeding the flower beds, or decluttering. But I don’t see them as problems.

I realize as I write this up, what a great life I have. My life is pretty filled with love and joy which of course fills me with gratitude.

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