Wednesday, January 24, 2018


In Take a Rest from Cool Cat Teacher Blog by, Victoria A Davis, Cool Cat Teacher shares,

“Sometimes you must rest to be your best.”

I think I tend to give 110% and if I’m not giving until I’m exhausted, I feel that I’m not giving my best.

I remember when I would work through my lunch time and not stop to eat.

I remember bringing lots of work home and after my children were in bed, I would work until my own bedtime.

On weekends, I would feel like I had to do school work instead of watching TV or doing fun things with my family.

I thought if I worked my fingers to the bone, it would show that I was being a good teacher.

Then I realized that being good didn’t mean being effective.

Sure, I was showing others that I was willing to work. I would work on my own time and even to the point that it could affect my own health. But I was not being an effective teacher because my students weren’t learning faster or better.

I learned that it was important to stop for lunch and eat my lunch. This helped me stay in good health and it let my brain recharge. This kept me from getting overstressed and overwhelmed with all the responsibilities that I faced.

I learned to have hobbies and enjoy my free time at home. By allowing my mind and body to rest from the stress of work, I was able to better focus when I was at work.

I learned to focus on my family when I was at home. My family was my support system and I needed to nurture them as much as I did my work.

What others might see as idleness was actually rest for my body and mind.

I think employers need to see what their employers do to reenergize and how they deal with stress. If they make sure their workers are happy, I believe they would be more productive.

When I’m not working, I am doing one of the following things: hiking, gardening, knitting, spinning yarn, crocheting, reading, or traveling. I have a variety of interests to keep my mind happy.

I think this makes me a good role model for my students. It is important to show students how to work but I think it is important for them to see that relaxation when appropriate is also important.

How do you rest? Do you feel it is important? Please share.

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