Thursday, January 18, 2018

3 Aspirational Words

“What are your three aspirational words?

I really had to think about this and it was harder than I thought it would be. I finally came up with my 3 words: Positive, Happy, Inspirational.

I want to start out each day being positive and optimistic. I think I can control how I see my life around me and if I see it as negative, it will be negative. If I am positive and look for the good things around me, my life will go smoother and I will be able to handle any obstacles that come my way. I will have a better frame of mind to problem solve and problems if I’m looking at the positives than the negatives.

I want others to see me as a happy person. I like to smile and laugh. I see too many people with frowns on their face and they look so unhappy. I don’t want to be around unhappy people and I would not want people to avoid me. I think people like to be around me because I’m a relatively happy person.

I hope by writing this blog about my classroom experiences, travel experiences, and opinions, that I can be an inspiration to others. I hope that I make people think about how they feel about different topics. When I write and opinion, I don’t want people to just agree with me but would rather open up a dialogue for why they would disagree with me. When they read about my travels, I hope it makes others want to visit the same places I’ve been and that it helps them with their planning. When I write about my classroom experiences, I hope that it helps teachers not make the same mistakes that I have in the classroom and that their experiences can be successful. 

Now, I have to ask you, what are three aspirational words that describe yourself?

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