Thursday, January 4, 2018

2018 Goals

Last year I achieved 6 out of 7 goals which I really like making yearly goals and holding myself accountable every month. I made it within 2 lbs. of my desired weight loss and I believe if I had started on the Keto diet earlier in the year, I would have achieved this goal. At least I will start out this year 8 lbs. lighter than last year and my weight is decreasing and not increasing.

This has really helped me accomplish what I want or at least continually work on my goals throughout the year. By reviewing them monthly, it helps me to remember to work on them. I don’t think I would get some things done if I didn’t do it this way. I know I would never read nonfiction books if I didn’t push myself. I like to think that I try new things by pushing myself to get out of my comfort zone. So, since I know this holding myself accountable each month helps me, I will continue again this year. I have added some new goals and increased some other goals. I hope this will be a productive year.

1.     Lose 10 lbs. (I really think I can do this year.)
2.     Knit 12 squares on my national park blanket. (There are 60 squares in the pattern so this may be a 5-year project.)
3.     Knit a sweater. (I have a sweater in mind, but I have a hard time getting started.)
4.     Create 24 scrapbook pages. (Last year I easily did 12.)
5.     Read 12 non-fiction books. (Without this goal, I’m not sure I would ever read any nonfiction books.)
6.     Bible Journaling – weekly (new goal! I want to incorporate some creative drawing in my journaling)
7.     Learn something new. (Not sure what, but I hope looking for that something will be as much fun as learning it. We are talking about learning to do some fly-fishing this year so maybe that will be it. I have a year to come up with something!)
8.     Get rid of 200 things this year that I don’t need and is cluttering up my house. (My friend did this last year by getting rid of 2017 things but I’m not sure that will be achievable for me).

What are your goals for this year? Please share.

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