Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Silly Times

“What have you done playful or silly lately?”

It wasn’t until I saw this question that made me realize I’m too serious most of the time. I don’t remember anything I’ve done that was playful or silly lately and that isn’t good. I feel as if I’m the most boring un-fun person I’ve ever known!

My husband can easily be playful or silly very easily. He makes his own lyrics up to familiar songs. He teases me and makes me laugh. Sometimes he will even act silly in public and not give a care what people think!

I wish I could be more playful or silly because I think more people would think I was more fun to be around. Luckily I don’t think the friends that I have care that I’m not that silly but maybe they would think I’m even more fun to be around if I was more playful.

This has me thinking so much about it that I am going to try to be more conscious of my actions to see if I spontaneously do something playful or silly. I honestly can’t think of a thing that I’ve already done in the past year that would be considered playful or silly. Wow! What a stick in the mud I am! Plus I’m not sure that if I’m thinking about it if it would end up being playful or silly or just a poorly executed act of being playful or silly.

This worries me that I come across this way to students or I expect them to be more serious. When they are playful or silly, do I frown or discourage them from doing this? Do I tell them that they need to act more mature? What is wrong with being playful or silly? Why do I feel this way?

This question has brought all sorts of feelings and questions into my head. What a dilemma!

Can you answer the question? What have you done playful or silly lately? Please share.

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