Wednesday, August 9, 2017

I Love My Job

In Five Reasons Why I Love My Job from Sioux's Page,  Sioux Roslawski asks,

“Do you love your job or do you hate it? If you're retired, what is the best part, and do you miss any part of your former job? If you aren't crazy about your job, what would be your dream job?”

I retired from teaching special education after almost 30 years and I loved it! I loved the difference I made in many lives. Over time I realized that I couldn’t save everyone but I gave it my best effort.

I was willing to learn and try new techniques that might be the key to unlock my student’s success. I loved that no day was ever alike and no student was ever alike. Every day brought on new challenges. I miss my students but I don’t miss the paperwork and the red tape.

I loved to see the light in a student’s eyes when they finally understood something that we had been struggling with. I felt like we were in a battle to succeed and we fought side by side so each student’s success made me feel like I won the battle too.

Helping parents understand their child’s disability and listen to their fears and frustrations was important too. I feel that by being nonjudgmental and open to their suggestions, made us work better as a team to help their child succeed. Even though I listened to their discouraged voices and tried to lend support as much as possible, they in turn would do the same for me.

The appreciation of the students and parents made me feel that the struggle every day was worth it. I tried to show my students and their parents how much I appreciated them also. Each student touched my heart and changed my life also. It would be impossible for this not to happen if I gave 100% to my work. If anyone says this doesn’t happen, I would truly doubt the commitment they give to teaching.

Maybe that is why I spent my whole career in special education which is rare. Many people get burned out early in a career in special education. I’m not saying I didn’t get frustrated or discouraged, but my rough times never were bad enough to make me want to quit. These times only made me more determined to fight back and help my students succeed.

I never regretted a minute of going into teaching and I don’t think I ever will.

What do you love about the job or the job you used to have? Please share.

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