Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Word of the Year – Simple

Last year’s word was focus and I think I did a great job doing that. I made a conscious effort of focusing on the present and enjoying life.

Looking back over the year I noticed that I worked hard on my goals and doing other projects that I wanted to do. But I also made a lot of it more complicated than it needed to be. This took some of the joy out of doing all of them and made them a little more stressful than intended.

This year I want focus on keeping things more simple.

I want to list some goals but I want to keep them simple so they will be easier to achieve.

I want to start projects but keep them simple and easier to complete.

When I am asked to be involved in different things, I will ask myself if it will keep my life simple or will it make it more complicated. This will help me make the right decision.

What is your word for the year? Please share.

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