Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Southeastern Stamp Expo

This past weekend, my husband and I went to the Southeastern Stamp Expo in Atlanta, GA.

I wish more young people would get involved in collecting stamps because it is so educational. I talked to two people at the American Topical Association who shared with the Stamps Teach program which is a great resource for the classroom. These would be great to use for lessons in language arts, math, social studies, and science. There was also a table labeled Stamp Explorers for young people under 18 to start stamp collecting.

We attended the dedication ceremony for the First Day of Issue for the new Forever Flag stamp.

The Master of Ceremonies was Mary Anne Penner, Director of Stamp Services, for the USPS. The national anthem was sung by Dewaine Johnson and Clarence Johnson who did an outstanding job. Speakers at the ceremony included Jeff Williamson, USPS Chief Human Resources officer and Executive Vice President; Mick Zais, President of the American Philatelic Society and retired Brigidier General of the US Army; and Edwin L. Jackson, Senior Public Service Associate, Emeritus University of Georgia.

The stamp was based on a photo taken by Tom Grill of New City and designed by Greed Breeding of Charlottesville, VA.

The stamp features a billowing Stars and Stripes image.

The first US stamp to feature the US Flag was a 30-cent bi-color of the 1869 pictorial series. Some stamps were printed in error, with one of the colors upside down or inverted. These are some of the rarest stamps of the United States.

It was fun after the ceremony to get everyone involved in the ceremony to autograph our programs.

If you ever get to go to one of these ceremonies, I would high recommend it! If you have been to one, please share.

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