Wednesday, January 11, 2017

2017 Goals

I am going to announce my yearly goals again this year and review them every month. Last year I completed 10 of my 12 goals. This year I’m going to give it a try but I want to streamline how I review them. Since my word of the year is going to be SIMPLE, I want to make this simpler to review and achieve.

1.     Lose 10 pounds. I didn’t achieve this last year so I am going to keep working on this. I hope to work harder on this than I did last year.
2.     Finish the mitered square blanket. I only need 51 more squares so this should be easy to achieve. I need to make this a goal so that I don’t save it to the end of the year and try to do it all at one time.
3.     12 Nonfiction books. I think if I don’t put this as a goal, I will never pick up a nonfiction book.
4.     12 new recipes. This was the other goal that I didn’t meet last year so I think I need to try it again.
5.     12 Digital Scrapbooking pages. I used to do this and loved it. I think I want to get back to doing this again. When I did these, I felt proud of how creative I could be and would like to feel this satisfaction again. Plus, it is a great way to share memories of good times.
6.     1400 miles walking – I like that I walk so many miles each year and I want to make sure that we do this again. It seems like the more I walk, the better I feel.
7.     Photo a day project – I do this every other year and this is the year to do this. I really enjoy finding the perfect picture every day and looking at other people’s pictures too.

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