Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Super Power

In What’s Your Super Power? From Tinkerings, Tim shares about his life and then asks,

“ What’s your super power?”

I think my super power is making new friends. Even though basically I’m shy and it is hard for me to make new friends, I force myself to be more outgoing. When I do, I’m usually happy with making new friends. I know it is worthwhile even if it isn’t easy. But then, who said having super powers would be easy.

Over the years I have been lucky enough to have friends in real life. I’ve also had many online friends and even luckier to have met some of them in real life! That is really special to me because I realize that the world is a much smaller place than I ever imagined.

I met a lot of friends through digital scrapbooking on line. I was able to meet Meg and her children in Oregon when we passed through. I also met Yolanda and her husband in Puerto Rico. Now when we cruise there, we try to meet up and visit.

I have a lot of education online friends and have met up with them at conferences and in places we have visited. I met up with Diane and her husband at Lake George, NY when we stopped there. She has been to our area and we were able to meet up when she came for library conferences. We drove through Kansas and stopped in Hutchinson where I met a large group of online friends for dinner.
I belong to an online fiber and yarn crafting site and have met many of my crafting friends in person when I go to festivals and retreats. I met my friends Wendy, Lois, and Denise at Maryland Sheep and Wool and NY Sheep and Wool. There is usually a podcaster meetup there and I’ve met even more friends in person. Then for the past 2 years I have gone to a knitting retreat where there are 200 of my online friends there in person.

When we go on cruises, I look for people on Cruise Critic and Facebook who will be on the same cruise as us. Someone usually starts a group at these places so I join in. Then when we go on the cruise, I get to meet up with the people that I’ve been talking to online and it is so much fun! In fact it helps to make the cruise more fun since I “know” other people already.

So, I guess meeting new friends has become my super power. What is yours? Please share. 

Original Photo by Pat Hensley

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