Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Carnival Glory 2016

Last week we sailed about the Carnival Glory out of Miami on September 3. The captain is Carlo Aquilone, Chief Engineer is Antonino Bottaro, Hotel Director is Keith Bunton and the cruise director is Eric R. Brouman. Our cabin was 1259 and our cabin steward was Harry. We had dinner in the Platinum dining room at table 414 and our dining team was Jerryco, Nolly, and Marija.

Day 1: Embarkation:

This procedure was a disaster. We were told to choose a time to check in, so we picked 10:30am. We parked at the parking garage across from MSC since we will be going on that next so we want our car near that ship. We checked in at the Glory and ended up waiting 2 hours before we could even get on the ship. None of the Carnival people seemed to know what they were doing. There was no organization and total chaos. We didn’t get on the ship until almost 1pm and so we went to have lunch. Then we found our cabin (1259) which is nice. We went to the very back of the ship to the Azure Bar and had a couple of buckets of beer (4 beers for $25). After the muster drill, I went to unpack our suitcases while Don returned to the bar. While he was there, he had a conflict with one of the bar waiters. When I arrived, I gave him the camera to take the guys picture so we could report him but the guy said we weren’t allowed to take pictures of the crew. We then complained to the Housekeeping Manager Aji who said he would take care of it. Then we moved to the Red Frog Bar until it was time to get ready for dinner. Our tablemates were a nice couple (Fabian and Ines) who live in Boca Raton, FL but are originally from Ecuador.

Day 2: Half Moon Cay:

The tender process was very unorganized. We were told to meet in the Golden Dining room at 8:45. We didn’t get on the tender until almost 9:30. There was no separation of Diamond, Platinum or Faster to the Fun guests so it was a free for all getting lined up. This made us feel like there was no advantage to being loyal guests.

We had a lovely day on the island. It was sunny and hot all day. For lunch we went to the island barbecue and then went swimming again. There was a group of college aged kids who were horsing around in the water. After lunch other people joined them and they were flipping people in the air in the water. One of the older ladies must have hurt her back in the process. While we were in the water, her friend came and got her group saying she needed help. The lifeguards were called and eventually the lady was taken away on a back board. We don’t know what happened to her. We left the beach around the same time and after cleaning up, we went to the Lido deck for a snack. Before dinner we had a nice nap so that after dinner we went to the show which was Getaway Island. It was pretty good because we knew the songs (Beach Boys, Jimmy Buffet) and the props and effects were great. After the show we went to the comedy show to see Jeff “Big Daddy” Wayne who was pretty funny.

Day 3: Sea Day:

It was a fun sea day. We had steak and eggs at the Sea Day brunch and then we sat in the atrium to relax. At 11am, I went to the slot pull but I didn’t do well. There were 40 of us who put in $25 each for 4 pulls each. The highest score won $125 and second place won $75. When it was all over we split the pot so I brought back $11. I met a nice family (Tara, Mark, and Jared). Jared is a 30 year old man who has brain cancer and he was so charming and happy. I really enjoyed meeting his parents too. Then I had some salad and roast beef for lunch before we went to take a nap. Around 4pm, we went to have a hamburger before going to meet the Captain at 5. The cocktail party was in the Cinn-a-bar lounge and there were 17 of us there. The Captain was very nice and personable. After the party, we walked around before finally going to the Comedy Club early and waiting for the show to start at 7:30. It was Elegant night at dinner and there was prime rib and lobster tail with crème brulee for dessert. We didn’t go to the show and went to bed early.

Day 4: St. Thomas:

We had a really nice day in St. Thomas. We arrived at 10am but didn’t get off the ship until 10:30. The cab ride to Secret Harbor was $10 per person and took about 30 min. because he took everyone to Coki first and hoped to talk us into getting off there. Once I told him that we were meeting friends at Secret Harbor, he took us there. I met Mel and her 3 children at the beach and they all were wonderful. I gave her a skein of handspun and she gave me a 100g. bundle of Space Cadet miniskeins. We snorkeled and saw tons of fish. Then we went to the restaurant and had something to drink.  For $30 we got 4 bottles of root beer, 1 lemonade, 1 Shirley Temple, and 2 bottomless sodas ($5). Then Mel was nice enough to drive us back to the port and they all walked us back to the ship. We had the best time together and I really look forward to visiting with them again! Then we ate a deli sandwich before going to the top and watching as we pulled out of the port. They kept calling someone’s name and I think he was left behind. After dinner we went to bed and didn’t go to the Hasbro Show and Love and Marriage Show.

Day 5: San Juan:

We had a nice day walking around San Juan yesterday. We got there at 7am but we didn’t get off the ship until 8:30. We walked all around the outside wall to the Castillo San Felipe del Morro which was about 2.5 miles. Then we went into the fort and bought some cold Gatorade! After that we went to El Meson and had a Mallorca queso and it was good. We stopped at Ecomania, the thrift store but didn’t find anything. Then we returned to the ship for lunch. After lunch we watched the Oasis of the Seas pull out of port before trying to take a nap. The halls were so noisy we didn’t get to sleep. After dinner we went to the magic show featuring our cruise director. It was entertaining.

Day 6: Amber Cove

We had a nice day at Amber Cove, Dominican Republic. We got off the ship around 8:30 and walked around the port. The port is owned by Carnival so it reminded me of Grand Turk and Costa Maya except there was less to do here. We walked around the pool and the sky view bar. Then we walked in the stores where I bought a few souvenirs. We were back on the ship by 11:30. After lunch we took a nap. We went to the comedy show (Jim Brick’s PG show called Dead, Dumb & Bland) before dinner and then the we went to the show Amor Cubano after dinner which was excellent. After that show we went back to the Comedy Club to see Jim Brick’s Oh, Doctor! Show.

Day 7: At Sea

After the sea day brunch, we went back to the room and packed our suitcases. Then we sat on the Lido deck and relaxed until lunch. After lunch we went to the theater to hear the cruise director, Eric answer questions about life on the ship. At 3pm we met the Facebook group for a group picture. Then we changed for the VIFP party and sat with Diane and Mike who were on the Elation with us last week. Don had a lot of martinis and I had a few beers. After the party we walked around until the Comedy Show which featured Derrick Eaton who was funny. Then we had a nice dinner but Don was exhausted so we skipped dessert and went to bed after putting our suitcases out in the hall.

Day 8: Debarkation

Since we were getting off the ship and walking over to the MSC Divina, we were not in any hurry. We ate on the Lido deck and just relaxed until everyone got off the ship. We were one of the last ones off the ship at 10:30. Don lost his ship’s card so the man just looked him up on the computer when it was time to get off the ship.  

Things I’ve Learned:

1.     Embarkation was a nightmare!
2.     Disappointed with the service on this ship.
3.     This ship really shimmies, shakes and vibrates.
4.     Don likes the Fish and Chips restaurant (which is free).
5.     I like our Facebook group and all the new friends.
6.     There is no high school on St. John’s Island and the kids take a ferry to St. Thomas to go to school.
7.     The Safaris on St. Thomas cost $10 for cruise guests and $1-$2 for locals.
8.     It cost more to live on St. Thomas than Hawaii.
9.     Walmart.com won’t deliver to St. Thomas.
10.  Mel’s family misses Hershey kisses and Werther’s originals which they can’t get on St. Thomas.
11.  San Juan was hot already at 8:30am.
12.  Service on this ship was not as good as service on other ships.
13.  Enjoyed meeting Lee Pierce who will be taking over for the Cruise Director Eric for a week.
14.  Always make sure you know where your ship’s card is the last night and make sure you don’t pack it in your suitcase.

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Melissa said...

It was such joy spending time with you and Don! Your visit made it seem like home for us, which made a huge impact on the kiddos! I can't wait to have you back!
On a separate note, it is very interesting to read all about cruises. Having never been on one myself, you give such a clear assessment on the blog that makes me feel very informed. The kids are pumped now after what you and Don shared :)