Monday, September 28, 2015

Whistling Women – Book Review

I recently read the book Whistling Women by Kelly Romo. This is the review of this book (I am not being paid to give this review).

I liked that this book was set during the 1935 World’s Fair, which peaked my interest. It was also interesting how a nudist colony was a major focus throughout the book. I also found it interesting how the characters were developed throughout the story and how I changed my opinion about them after reading the story. The story revolves around two adult estranged sisters and their relationship, two young sisters and their relationship with each other and their parents. I found it interesting and couldn’t seem to put the book down.

I do not feel this would be an appropriate book in a school library or curriculum even though I liked the book and found it interesting. Themes in the book include alcoholism, nudity, death, rape, relationships, and religion.  Due to these adult themes, I think this book is more geared to adults than school aged children.

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