Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Making a To Do List

In Two Super Sexy Tips to build a better To Do List from Roman Reboot, Melissa asks,

“How about you?  How do you capture all of those things you need to do?  Paper?  Paper free?  And what about when you remember something in the shower?”

I used to make paper lists out for everything and had paper lists of my lists. Now I’m trying to move to a more digital versions.

I have started keeping a Google calendar that syncs my phone, iPad, and laptop so all appointments can be found on any device I use. My husband also gets the same calendar. I add alerts so that I get an email reminding me of appointments or things I should do.

I make an excel spreadsheet of my shopping list each week and even list the aisle that each item is found at my grocery store. I’m so geeky that I sort the items by aisle number so I don’t miss anything and I feel that it is more efficient than running back and forth between aisles.

If I don’t have an Internet connection or laptop or iPad, then I use the voice recorder on my phone. Then when I get home, I can play all the reminders and add them where they need to go.

If I’m in the shower, I just start making my list and repeating it over and over until I can get to my laptop, iPad or voice recorder.

Amazingly though, I still forget some things even if I try not to.

What do you do to remember all the things you need to do? Please share.

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