Thursday, February 12, 2015

Unplug for Inspiration

"At the weekend I make every attempt to unplug from technology. Most of my best ideas do not happen while staring at a screen, small or large, but from doing the opposite: experiencing life around me."

I make sure that I enjoy the life around me in addition to my digital life. I can easily stay plugged into to technology all day without missing a beat. But I notice that when I stay plugged in, I do not get as inspired to write blog posts as much as when I unplug frequently.

Here are ways that I “unplug” during the day:

Photos – I am looking throughout the day for photos for my Photo A Day project. These sometimes trigger great ideas to write about.

Discussions – When I talk to others about a current news story, I can get different perspectives about the story. Sometimes I agree and sometimes I disagree. These discussions help me clarify my ideas before I put it in words.

Shopping – I can’t tell you how many ideas I have gotten from shopping. These may come from interactions with sales people, other customers, products for sale, or even tags on clothing.

Solitary Activity– Things such as spinning on my spinning wheel, knitting, or even gardening. They are a time of meditation and thought and I find that many ideas are spinning in my brain. Sometimes I can’t wait to get them written down in words.

Church – many times the sermons I hear on Sunday will trigger a great blog post.

Groups – I belong to several groups of common interest and I learn so many new things from different people. Many times these interactions can inspire further learning.

Reading – I like to read a “real” book now and then. It is a great form of escapism and relaxation. This makes me feel energized and inspired when I’m ready to write.

What ways do you unplug from technology? How do you feel it helps you? Please share.

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