Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Roman Numerals

This past Sunday was Super Bowl XLIX. I have seen news articles wondering if anyone knows what these Roman numerals mean. Do students even know what any of them mean? I know in our state they aren’t taught any more but I remember learning them when I grew up. I know that sometimes when we travel, I pass by buildings with Roman numerals inscribed in the cornerstones.

I think students should learn what these numbers are. The Super Bowl still uses them and so do the Olympics. I see them on copyrights for movies and some books. It may one day be a lost skill.

I did find some resources about teaching roman numerals and wanted to share them:

Do you teach Roman numerals to your students? I’d like to know how many people do. Do you have any resources to share?

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Anonymous said...

I heard them say that this was the last super bowl to use Roman numerals. Next year it will be Super Bowl 50. Sad!! Jan Brown