Monday, September 16, 2013

Tell Others They Matter

YouMatterAngela Maiers has a wonderful campaign called Choose 2 Matter! that has influenced many people around the world. Please take the time to check it out. On her blog, she shared Where Mattering is on the Schedule! where a vice principal of a school is getting people in his school to fill out a form to let others know they matter.

This in turn inspired me to do the same on my campus with my students. I think we get in the habit of kidding with people and making mock insults, that we forget how to say good things about people. I’m hoping I will see differently through my little “experiment.”

I made up a form that I want to use in my university class. Students are invited to note someone who did something noticeable and I will email them with the message. All I need is this person’s name, their email address, and a message. It is up to sender to decide whether they want to give their name or not. I will be interested in seeing how many of my students use this and how often they will use it. When that person (who doesn’t have to be in my class or even a university student) gets the message, they will be invited to use the form to notice someone else.

If you are interested in sending a message to someone, please fill out this form: You Matter!

Take time to let someone know that they matter!

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