Monday, September 23, 2013

A New Computer

laptopHaving my three year old laptop die on me was like losing my best friend suddenly! I had no clue that it was going to die. It was working fine earlier in the day and that night when I turned it on, the light came on and then it went out. Nothing I did could convince it to come back to life. When I got home, I used my husband’s laptop to search for a solution. After 6 hours of searching and trying all that was suggested, I gave up. It was dead.

The next day we went out and hunted for a new laptop for me. I had done my research, checked out consumer reports, read reviews online and hoped for the best. I came home with another Toshiba Satellite because they have been good for me.

Luckily my husband was able to salvage the hard drive from my old friend and we put it in a case so now I also have another external hard drive. I was able to transfer all of my files onto my new computer. Thank goodness.

Of course I preach to others about backing up their computers but I wasn’t sure if I backed mine up last week or the week before. I was kicking myself because I couldn’t even remember what programs I had on my computer! Why is it that it is so easy to warn others but I don’t follow my own advice?!

I am going to make a list each month of the programs I have on my computer. Plus I will back up my computer once a week. I promise!

Remember to back up your computer and back it up often!! You won’t regret it! I wish I listened to myself more often!


Michael Walter said...

Do you use any cloud services? I use three or four different computers and by using google drive, skydive and Dropbox I barely notice any difference while using the computers. All my stuff is always saved. That includes things like my pictures too.

Michael Walter said...

Do you use any loud services? I find that when I switch between computers there is usually no difference in what I have available to work with thanks tow combination of google drive, skydive, and Dropbox.