Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Field Experience

field experienceThis semester I’m sending 22 undergraduates out to a setting serving school-age students with special needs. For some of these students, this may be their first exposure to school-age students with special needs. Of course I have an official letter that goes to the classroom teaching thanking them for allowing my students in the classroom. I also suggest some activities but these are not required such as:

  • Assist with varied classroom activities (e.g. read stories, assist at centers, assist individuals),
  • Assist classroom teacher with instructional activities,
  • Prepare materials for instruction under the direction of the teacher,
  • Review and reinforce lessons introduced by the teacher with individual students and small groups,
  • Attend a field trip with the class,
  • Assist with physical needs of students,
  • Escort students to and from classroom,
  • Assist students at lunch
  • Assist with cleanup activities,
  • Learn and follow all classroom/behavior management programs as set by the teacher,
  • Any other related activities that will assist the teacher with the instructional program and give the student practical experience
But in my mind and heart, I want to say things such as:
  • Show what a joy it is to be a teacher.
  • Show how a teacher can make a difference by the little things that are done.
  • Show how important it is to be organized in the classroom.
  • Show how having a classroom management plan can make your life easier.
  • Show how vital it is to be prepared.
  • Show how much collaboration with colleagues make teaching more effective.
  • Show how a teacher needs to make every student feel valued.
  • Show why teaching can be the greatest profession in the world!
Maybe I will share these with the students and have them look for these things while they are in the classroom. I think some of them are a little scared and nervous but if they go in with a positive outlook, it might help them make this a better experience.

I’m hoping that some of them will be glad they are in our education program. I’m hoping that some of them will eventually become great teachers. I’m hoping that some of them will make a difference in some child’s life. I hope that this experience will be worthwhile and inspiring!

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