Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fall Allergies

RagweedI don’t know if you are suffering like I am but fall allergies have hit. The news says that fall allergy season can be just as bad as the spring. I don’t feel up to snuff but I don’t feel terrible. I sound worse than I feel but I don’t feel 100%. Of course, I still have responsibilities and obligations to fill that can’t be put aside.

This makes me wonder how many of my students are going through the same things. How many of them aren’t bad enough to miss class but just don’t feel wonderful? How many really know the answer but they don’t feel in the mood to answer or think about finding the answer in their brains.

How do you fight this allergy season? What can I do to make the students feel better or survive this season? How can I fight it too and still keep up the quality of teaching that I can feel proud of.

I don’t know the answers to all of these questions but I know I have them. I guess right now I feel so miserable that all I have are questions. I hope I feel better tomorrow.

If you or your students are suffering from allergies, I hope you survive this season too. But remember to take pity on those others who are suffering too.

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