Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Professional Book Sharing

booksIn Interesting Library Book Club Idea from Cathy Nelson's Professional Thoughts by Cathy Jo Nelson, Cathy talks about using this idea for professional development. She shared,

“Professional Development meeting with teachers interested in YA literature (or any literature for that matter)”

This had me thinking about even going further and not just teachers interested in YA literature. Why not have teachers bring in some books about teaching or their subject area? Many times I have heard teachers talk about how the meetings they attend aren’t meaningful. I know that when I contribute and listen to others contribute, I sometimes come away with more than when I just sit and listen to someone talk. When there is an exchange of information or ideas, I feel I haven’t wasted my time.

I could see departments meeting and sharing books that pertain to their subject areas. It could be professional magazines or books. It might be books that could enhance lessons. Why not go even further and discuss available videos that could be used in the classroom. How about other resources? If at every meeting, someone had to bring something to the table, these meetings might be more enjoyable and relevant.

I think this would also be a great idea for a professional organization meeting. I’m going to suggest this for my next local Council for Exceptional Children’s meeting. I would like people to attend and bring one resource (book, video, magazine etc.) to share.

Do you do something like this at your school? If so, please share how you do this.

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Cathy Jo Nelson said...

The possibilities here are endless!!