Tuesday, August 20, 2013

About Me Shelf

spinningIn Getting to Know Me Shelf from Thoughts By Jen, Jennifer talks about learning more about her students but realizes that the students don’t know a lot about her so she created a Me Shelf. Now she asks,

“So, do you have a ME SHELF — and if you do, please share what you have on it.”

I think this is a great idea. Sometimes we ask students to do things that we aren’t willing to do ourselves and they know it. It is hard for them to put energy into something and in a sense make themselves vulnerable when we aren’t sure we want to do the same.

If I had a Me Shelf, here is what I would have on it:

1. A picture of my husband and myself - to show that I’m married to the most wonderful guy in the world.

2. A book about hiking trails - to share my love of hiking.

3. Gardening gloves - to show that I enjoy gardening.

4. Yarn - to show that I love knitting.

5. Fiber - to show how much I love spinning my own yarn (and not many people know much about it)

6. Fiction books - to share my love of reading.

7. Photographs of nature - to share how much I enjoy photography

What would be on your ME Shelf? Please share.

Image: 'The Art of Hand Spinning'
Found on flickrcc.net

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