Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Learning Is A Journey

learningIn I don’t need Google Underpants from Blogush , Paul Bogush states,

“…learning becomes complicated when you try to make kids learn something that they feel is unnecessary.  When kids do not see the need for something, then teachers have to resort to teaching it.  If they see the need for it, they will learn it without you, or in spite of you.”

I think Paul stated this perfectly! Too many times I think I make learning harder than it is. as a teacher, I think I can control learning but that is impossible. Learning will happen whether I am teaching or not.

I have always talked about how important it is to make learning relevant to the student but when you mix common core standards, it tends to make this a little more difficult. But somehow I still think that I can use standards or core curriculum along with what learners find relevant. Of course it might involve a little more planning or a little more work, but that is what makes teaching interesting and fun.

When I look at common core standards, I see a lot of the same things that I have used as standards over the years but only worded differently. I don’t see that it is that much different than what we have expected students in the past. Using common core standards are a great road map to help plan the “journey” of learning. It is when I over think these standards is when I get lost in the red tape rather than the learning.

Students are going to learn these skills whether I teach it to them or not. If they don’t learn it in one grade, they will learn the skill in another when they find a need for it. There are times that I wish I had paid attention more when I was in school about learning a skill or concept because I find myself needing this information. When I look for the info, I find some recollection of the topic and find the learning easier a second time. Hopefully, my students will find this also later in life when they need some knowledge.

I think the need for certain knowledge makes the learning easier. This need makes the learning relevant where in the past; it might not have been true. Learning is a journey that takes a life time.

Do you think learning happens in spite of teaching or only through teaching? Please share!

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