Monday, February 18, 2013

Episode 21 February Ideas

1. Contact info:
a. loonyhiker on Plurk:
b. Loonyhiker on Twitter:
c. Blog –
d. Email me at
2. Music Notes
a. Every Child’s A Star by Danny O’Flaherty from his Heroes CD. :
b. You can watch a video and hear the whole song on Youtube here:
c. Every Child’s A Star CD Campaign:
3. Language Arts Notes
a. Review of Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library
b. Use of candy hearts
4. Math Notes
a. Comparing prices
5. Science Notes
a. Planning for Mother’s Day. What is needed to grow plants? What supplies do you need? (toilet paper rolls, soil, containers, seeds, water, sunlight)
6. Social Studies Notes
a. Special days of February:
b. 17 Random Acts of Kindness Day;
c. 18 President's Day - third Monday of month;
d. 20 Hoodie Hoo Day (On this winter day, people go out at noon, wave their hands over their heads and chant "Hoodie-Hoo".It is a day to chase away winter and bring in spring. After all, everyone in the northern hemisphere are sick and tired of winter at this point and a little crazy being cooped up inside all winter and not seeing the sun. Hoodie Hoo Day is a copyrighted holiday. It was created and is provided, courtesy of the great folks at
e. 22 George Washington's Birthday;
f. 22 International World Thinking Day (International World Thinking Day is celebrated by Girl Scouts, Girl Guides and other girl groups. The original objective of this day was to set aside a day for girls all over the world  to think of each other, and to give thanks and appreciation to "sister" Girl Scouts and Girl Guides. Over the years, it has been expanded to include the opportunity for girls (young and less young) to learn about health issues that affect girls and young women.)


John Romig said...

I love the vodcast! What program are you using for it?

loonyhiker said...

I make a video and up load it to It is really easy to do.