Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Risking Failure

effortIn Don't Fear Failure from The Fischbowl, Karl Fisch asks,

“So, what are you willing to try (and perhaps fail) at?”

I think it is important to risk failure and to share our attempts with others. I think part of the problem in most people’s lives is that they think they must succeed at everything. They think that things should work out perfectly the first time, every time.

Edison had over 10,000 attempts before he invented the light bulb.

Alexander Graham Bell failed 31 times before he invented the audiometer to help deaf people.

Lincoln ran for public office and lost 7 times before he was elected President.

I have learned from knitting that it is okay to try to make something and it not turn out exactly the way I want it. I like to think of it as a prototype. The next one I make will have certain adjustments that I think will make it better.

We used to go to a lot of high school basketball games and my friend was the coach. I remember hearing him tell the kids that he would much rather have them attempt a basket and not make it then never try at all because if you don’t try, you never score.

I guess I was always brought up that trying was as important as succeeding.

This is something so important to teach out students. I’m not sure that parents today are instilling this value in their children. It is probably not from neglect but because so many parents are struggling with the economy and raising children that they are tired. Many have forgotten learning this in school or home themselves. Many parents want their children to be successful but have forgotten that sometimes it takes failure to breed success.

There are still so many things I plan to try but willing to risk failure. I’m sure there are still many things in my future that I don’t know about yet. Here are some of the things I would like to do soon:

1. Lose 20 lbs.

2. Can my own vegetables.

3. Make jelly. .

4. Dye my own yarn.

Maybe someday I would like to:

1. Play pool.

2. Climb a rock wall.

3. Ride a unicycle.

4. Ride a motorcycle (yes, I’m one of those that have never done this before).

So now, I pass on the question - What are you willing to try (and risk failure)?

Image: 'Effort'

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