Friday, March 2, 2012

Education Buzz Carnival 2/29/12


Another edition of the Education Buzz Carnival is up and running at Bellringers! Don’t miss out on all the fun! See what is going on in the Edusphere. My article on Things That Should Kick the Bucket Before I Do is there but there are lots of other great articles to read too! See you there and don’t eat too much cotton candy!

Original image: Carnival by Pat Hensley

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photography degrees said...

I love this post. In fact it is incredibly timely. I am relatively new to leadership and have always been one of those teachers who "tinkers"to develop my practice and pedagogy. My tinkering has proved incredibly valuable to developing a self-regulating, student centred programme but this is only within my classroom. My next step is to leave the cowboy hat at the door and get the team on board. I work with an incredibly talented and dedicated group of teachers but it is time for them to develop a vision for how our children learn NOW not how they themselves learned.