Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Different Ways to Blog

In If they can write, they can blog by ejr, communicateshe tells about

“A primary school teacher, Brandey Addison from Tuloso Midway Primary School, said this at TCEA: "If they can write, they can blog."  She and her colleagues, Christy Solis, and Benito Portillo, provide a variety of ways for their students to practice reading, writing, critical thinking, and peer review.”

To me, blogging is a way to share ideas, beliefs, and information. It is a way to communicate with others. There are many different platforms to use. Some posts can be written but some can also be video.

I like Voicethread a lot because it is interactive. A student can have pictures and then tell about pictures. People can also respond on Voicethread. This Voicethread can be embedded in a blog post.

Videos can also be embedded in a blog post. If the purpose of the blog post is to share with others about some activity, a young child who is unable to write can still communicate. This may be a jumping board into writing later, but is a way to blog. I think this would be a great way to motivate students into learning also.
Students with learning difficulties can also use videos on a blog. They may be intimidated by the actual writing a post but may be more comfortable with recording a video. They can still read comments to the blog post and even respond to the comments in writing. But it is less overwhelming than writing a long blog post. Later on, they may be encouraged to write a small paragraph about their video and then increase their writing later on.

Students who don’t want to be seen but don’t mind being heard, can do an audio blog post. This also can be embedded into a blog.

I believe that parents would be thrilled to see or hear their child in any way. Too many times when asked how school was, their child responds in one word answers. This would be a great way for parents to hear more about their child’s school day.

Do you have your students blog? If so, which way is most successful for your students? Please share.

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Estate Agent said...

I have heard of Voicethread but I actually never use it now that I've read your post it made me think how it can affect my own work in a good way, thanks!

Prudy Jo's Technology SpEd Blog said...

Thank you for your blog share!

I am currently taking a class on technology in the classroom. I am reading a book that might help you in your quest. It gives many ideas on how to use blogs in the classroom.

This week I also blogged on using blogs in the classroom. Please check out my blog post for ideas.

I have not heard of Voicethread until now. I am very interested in it. I looked it up and I think it could be incorporated into blogs and lessons.

Please check out my blog ideas for SpEd and let me know your thougths.

Book for you:
Richardson, W. (2010). Blogs, wikis, podcasts, and other powerful web tools for classrooms (3rd ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin.