Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Nice People Live Longer

elderlyWhen I was thinking about the people who have touched my life over the years, I realized that many some of them have died or are dealing with severe health issues. (Everything I write in this post will be pure observation and no scientific fact.)
I’m also not saying that bad things don’t happen to good people but the majority of these dead or sick people have been really mean to me at one time or another.
This makes me think that “what goes around comes around” or the karma thing is a real thing. It can truly happen!

Maybe being mean puts more stress in your life and on your body. Maybe it causes health issues. Maybe it makes you sick or even sicker. Maybe someone needs to do a scientific study on the effect of meanness to the body.

Then I look at the many nice people I know and I’m amazed at their longevity. These people are not mean or spiteful. You would never hear them talk behind someone’s back in order to turn others against them. These people are supportive if you need any kind of help and seem to always be there if you need them.

My parents for instance are the nicest, sweetest people I know. My stepmom is 86 and my dad is 92 and both of them are still going strong. They live independently, socialize with others, visit the senior center about three times a week to play pool, garden, and fix up their own house. There isn’t a mean bone in their body and they wouldn’t hurt a fly!

Most of the people who are in my hiking group are in their 70s and 80s. In fact, 2 guys are in their 90s. Like my parents, all of these people are the nicest people to be around. If you needed it, they would give you the shirt off their backs.

So, from my observations, nice people live longer. Nice people seem happier and are even more successful in life.

I need to share this with my students so they can learn ahead of time. I need to make sure that the meanness bug stays away from me (and my students)! I also need to be nicer to others because I want to live a long and happy life!

How about you? Do you notice the life span of mean people is different than nice people? If so, please share your observations.

Image: 'Elderly couple, Paris'


luckeyfrog said...

I think nice people are happier, and happier people tend to live longer, because they're less likely to self-harm or use bad coping strategies. But it's a trend, not always true of course!

Julia said...

While you may think that, some people think that nice people don't live longer. It's all about supernatural stuff and whatnot.

Unknown said...

I think that we are all going to die, but do you want someone to say, "what goes around comes around," when you go or do you want to be known for something bigger and better than yourself?