Thursday, March 22, 2012

Accurate Measurements

measureSome of you know that we are enclosing our side porch and making it our sun room. I have wanted this for year. As I watch the porch become transformed, I am amazed at how many learning opportunities there are in construction. I have watched the men measure wood and drywall over the past few weeks. They use many different tools as well. It is amazing how all these little things get put together and make something new. I also notice how these guys all work together.

Measuring has to be very precise or the walls and ceiling would not come out level. When the inspector came by to inspect before the drywall could be installed, he was quite impressed at the workmanship. Our contractor is very conscientious and goes further than he needs to sometimes.

When the roof was being put on, the men ran out of shingles. Then someone realized that the man in charge of measuring messed up and was short materials so the guys had to return another day to finish when the materials were delivered. Since we were given a price at the start, the company lost money on this job because of the measurement error.

I think it is important for students to see the relevance in learning new skills. These examples are just a few real life situations that involve measurement. The more that students are able to relate what they are learning to a situation where they might learn the new skills, the more they will understand and retain this new skill.

Do you use real life examples when teaching measurement? If so, what are some of the ways you make this learning relevant to students? Please share.

Image: 'tape measure'

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