Thursday, November 3, 2011

Subjects a Student Should Study

studyIn Which subjects should a student study?, Steven Horwich states,
I believe strongly that we should allow students to experience the world and all of its many offerings – and then let the student tell us what they find of interest.”
I think this statement refers more to how the student learns rather than the specific subjects a student should learn. I thought about this question for awhile and just couldn’t resist giving my opinion on this.
These are the subjects I came up with:
1. Reading – learning to read and comprehend what is read opens the door to just about anything.
2. Math – basic skills will help anyone get further in life especially skills in computation, money, and measurement.
3. Science – learning how to make a hypothesis, experiment to find an answer, and analyze the results help lead to discovery.
4. Social Studies – I truly believe history can help us learn from our mistakes and successes. Geography is so important now that we can connect and collaborate with people all around the world.
5. Play – students of all ages need to learn how to laugh and enjoy life. We spend so much time telling them to get serious about their studies and to grow up that I feel we have forgotten that they are children and should be happy about themselves and the world they live in.
These basic subjects should be taught at every level and incorporate the student’s interest in the subject. As the student matures, these interests may change but I think the basic subjects will still pertain to any topic. In fact, their interests can tie these subjects together and make them more meaningful. If students feel that what they are learning is relevant to their lives, they will be more engaged and eventually become successful in whatever they strive to do.
What subjects do you think a student should study? Please share!
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luckeyfrog said...

I agree with you that the basics need to be emphasized. Studying whatever kids want sounds great, but it can leave gaps. I'd love to see an extended day program, though, that gives students time for a choice learning activity! It would be a nice way to have the best of both worlds.

T.J. said...

I mostly agree with your list. Even as a math teacher, I can't argue that it should be ahead of reading. As you mentioned, reading is vital to basically everything. I would, however, place Social Studies ahead of Science. Your mention of "learning from our mistakes and successes" is precisely the reason I would make this change. The addition of "play" as a subject is refreshing. I am of the opinion that those who do take their learning seriously should be given more opportunities for "play" than those who do not. I also feel that other subjects should be made available to those who work dilligently at the first four subjects that you listed. These other subjects would be art, music, etc.