Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I Want to Be a Virus!

virusIn Are You a Virus? from The Clever Sheep, Rodd Lucier states,

“Viruses often innovate in the relative safety of a closed door classroom. If you use attempt to use technology in unexpected ways, or if you use tools before they become the norm, you may be a virus. There are many innovators out there, but most, like viruses, are difficult to see. It is only through the sharing of stories, that they become visible.

Virus can replicate but only within living host. If you are a virus, do you dare share your strategies and learning experiments with colleagues? In my experience, viral replication begins through such conversation and conversion. Open sharing may be just the thing that ensures that your district; your school; your department remains vibrant.”

I want to be a virus! I want to share and spread what I know and learn! But sometimes I get tired of always moving uphill against the stream. Sometimes I think, why bother? I get tired of hearing all the “talk” and not seeing any results. It is frustrating that the world is not moving as fast as I want them to. I even see others saying that they are through with all of the “talk”! For four years I have been hearing the “talk” and been part of the talk but we need action!

After reading this article, I realized that being part of the “talk” is action. By keeping the talk going, it is spreading the information like a virus. Maybe I am only reaching one person at a time but if all the people I know who are part of the “talk” is spreading it to one person at a time, changes are being made even if we don’t see the big picture.

So now I’m back in giving the “talk” to others. I will continue to bore everyone to death who will listen. I will keep talking about how we need to encourage technology in schools and how we need to let students bring and use their own devices in the classroom. I will continue to talk with teachers, administrators, school board members, and legislators about the importance of using technology in the classrooms. I will continue to train teachers to use tools in their classrooms that will enhance their lessons but not take the place of good teaching.

I will continue to be a virus! Will you come be a virus with me? How will infect others with your knowledge and experience?

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