Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Great Adventure 2011 Utah – 8/7/11

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We drove to Moab, UT this morning and it was a lovely drive. It is amazing how much open land there is. We got to Arches NP at about 10am and it was already hot. We hiked to Sand Dunes Arches, Skyline Arches, and Balancing Rock but then it got too hot to hike anymore. By then it was lunchtime and we had chili rellenos at La Hacienda for lunch before checking into our room at the Kokopelli Intowner (part of the Kokopelli Lodge). I loved where we are staying for the week! Our “room” is actually a small apartment with livingroom and full kitchen along with bedroom and bath. There are some lawn chairs and a bbq grill outside for us to use too. I will enjoy staying here and the cost was less than the room we stayed in at the Comfort Inn last night in Green River!
What I Learned Today:
· This dry heat can really sap your energy!
· There are over 2000 arches in Arches NP.
· Arches NP is in the high desert between 4000 - 6000 ft. in elevation.
· President Hoover made Arches into a National Monument but it didn’t become a national park until 1971.
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Original Photo: by Pat Hensley

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