Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Great Adventure 2011 – Mesa Verde National Park 8/25/11

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We had a nice drive from Monticello, UT to Cortez, CO. Along the way we found a great antique shop where Don found some treasures. When we got to Cortez, we got a room at the Baymont Inn before heading to Mesa Verde NP. The drive was beautiful. We stopped at the overlooks and enjoyed the scenery and the cliff dwellings. It always amazes us when we see these and think of the people who lived here and their lives.
We also found a Walmart to refill prescriptions and bought some supplies. We looked at the map and decided that tomorrow we will head towards Durango and Great Sand Dunes National Park.
What I Learned Today:
· I’m glad that I didn’t live in the days of the cliff dwellers!
· President Teddy Roosevelt made Mesa Verde a national park in 1906.
· The elevation of the park is above 8000 feet.
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Original Image: Pat Hensley

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