Friday, September 2, 2011

Lack of Sleep (or Zombieitis)

(Here is a guest post from Jay Cooper and the Better Sleep Council. I think his information is worth checking out and the message is important for students.)

ZombieitisPressure is continually mounting for teachers to engage young minds, but there is not a lot they can do when students are asleep at the desk. A lack of sleep puts many students behind the eight ball before they even step foot in the classroom, and as the busy school year kicks off the amount of sleep some students get drops even further.

Numerous studies link inadequate sleep to decreased mental aptitude and memory function. A lack of sleep can also cause increased apathy, anxiety, irritability and even depression among students. With that in mind, the Better Sleep Council is kicking off a new campaign aimed at middle school and high school students encouraging them to get rest during the school year so they are not zombies in the classroom.

We are asking teachers to take a look at the campaign and help spread the message, as we know teachers have first-hand knowledge about the effects of “Zombieitis” on students.

The messaging on the Stop Zombieitis website and Facebook page are heavily geared toward the teenage population and explain that Zombieitis, or sleep deprivation, is an epidemic spreading through classrooms. Personal outreach on Twitter account also encourages sleep to students who are messaging about being tired in the classroom.

The Stop Zombieitis website explains the symptoms of the epidemic and points them to other resources explaining the importance of sleep and tips for getting better sleep. The site also has a unique function for allowing teachers or parents to report a zombie in the classroom, a more light-hearted way to nudge students who are falling asleep in class to get more adequate rest.

The Facebook page includes details on sleep, messaging encouraging more sleep and a quiz to indicate whether students are already suffering from Zombieitis. Other messaging and promotions encouraging sleep will continue as the campaign progresses.

We are asking teachers to join our cause to help students get their sleep on a quality mattress, and not on a classroom desk. We ask you to check out the website and Facebook page, and tell students about it as well. When necessary, teachers can also use the report a zombie function on the website to encourage students to get their sleep.

The Stop Zombieitis website can be found at

The Facebook page is

The Better Sleep Council thanks you for your help!

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Damien Riley said...

Great article. Thanks for the resources to follow up on. If the kids can't concentrate it makes our job near impossible.