Sunday, August 14, 2011

Kokopelli Intowner #1

060A little bit of heaven! We stayed a week at the Kokopelli Inn Towner in Moab, UT and it was wonderful! It was a 1 bedroom apartment instead of a hotel room which made it feel almost like home and it cost less per night than the room at the Comfort Inn we had!

The bedroom had 2 queen beds in it and each bed was covered with a beautiful quilt. The closet was large with plenty of room to hang clothes in plus a large shelf for our suitcases and other junk.

064The kitchen was big with a real refrigerator! The kitchen was stocked with beautiful dishes and all the kitchen utensils that you might need. I did wash the dishes after using them to avoid ants (gee, just like home!).

The living room had a large couch and a smaller loveseat which was perfect because we were both able to stretch out comfortably in the evening to watch TV.

065No one comes to clean each day and we had to empty our own trash. This was fine with us because I was able to leave my electronics out without having to worry about anyone (like a maid) messing with it. We did have a plumbing problem so I called the office and less than 30 minutes later, Wendy and Cory came. Our problem was fixed in minutes! I felt so bad bothering them but they assured us that it was okay. I’m not sure I have had this kind of response at any hotel we have stayed at!

It got really hot every afternoon so this accommodation was perfect for us. We were able to come back in the afternoons to relax and stretch out. I don’t think we could have done that in a small cramped hotel room.

As you can tell, I would highly recommend this place to anyone staying in Moab, UT! I know that when we visit again, this will be the first place I call about!

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Original Photoa: by Pat Hensley

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jfb57 said...

How lovely for you both. We are on our way home from France too. Holidays are brilliant aren't they?!