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The Great Adventure 2011 Montana – 7/27/11

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We got up early so we could do some hikes before the crowds hit the park but when we got in the car, our tire pressure was low. We noticed this last night and Don checked the tires and added air with our air pump so we were worried when it was even lower this morning. So, we found a Les Schwab store to check on our tires. (We like Les Schwab stores! Last time we were out west, we had to buy chains because the law said so and the fine was outrageous. This guy in Idaho opened his store on a Sunday and sold us the chains at no extra charge for Sunday. So, we felt like we could trust Les Schwab to check our tires). Unfortunately the metal was showing in both back tires so we had to get new ones and we were back on the road in an hour.

We drove to the trailhead and hiked to Avalanche Lake. Again, the views were wonderful! There were lots of people on the trail so I didn’t feel nervous about meeting a grizzly. At first we didn’t expect the lake to be anything special but it was at the foot of Sperry Glacier. From the lake we saw 6 waterfalls coming down the mountain before it!

After the hike we hunted for lunch but by then most places stopped serving lunch so we stopped for an ice cream to tide us over to dinner. On the way back to our hotel, we stopped in Columbia Falls at the Nite Owl restaurant for dinner. My rib eye was mouthwatering!

What I Learned Today:

· It is smarter to check out tire problems rather than ignore them. It would have been bad to be in the park with a flat tire!

· Snow melting out of the mountains create beautiful waterfalls.

· The hike to Avalanche Lake is a must if you visit Glacier National Park!

· It is cheaper to eat outside the park than inside.

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Original Photo: by Pat Hensley

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